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This is your opportunity to tell others about your success story!

LCS does not aspire to be a social media site.  However, we are providing a platform for community members to encourage others with their positive experiences in life.  This can be accomplished by means of a business experience, career progression, academic accomplishments, personal and athletic achievements, or, any other type of cohesive motivational story.  In addition to other positive implications, contributions herein can show others how to do good!

Your personal story may come from humble beginnings.  Many stories do.  And, although you may start with somewhat of a negative situation, the idea behind this concept is that it may show how things turned around for you.  Or, you may have realized immediate success from the start of your personal experience.  Use your story to encourage those who need it.  Actually, all people need encouragement.

Certainly, in some cases, successful people may have made up their minds to 'take the bull by the horns' (so to speak) at some point in their lives.  In other cases, people who eventually enjoyed success likely made a decision at a specific point in their life to improve interpersonal skills, get better skill-wise, become healthier, gotten organized, formed good habits, or, progressively work towards a positive attitude and outcome in any given situation.  Many factors may be involved in making good decisions.  Establishing a starting point is a very important key.

Being proactive has aided many towards a measure of success.  Perhaps education made the difference in a given story of success.  Or, because of the synergy created, maybe an influential person came into the picture (directly or indirectly) and made a significant impression (i.e. as a mentor).  Maybe someone with resources gave an eventually successful person a 'hand up'.  Volunteerism can also often play a part for successful people.  Success is how you define it in your personal story.

What skill set was learned that translated into success for you?  How did you learn it or even find out about it?  Could help have come to you from an unexpected resource?  Perhaps a family member or friend took an interest in you?  Did public resources play a part?  Did total strangers help you along the way (i.e. good Samaritans, etc.)?  Or, did you pull yourself up by your own "shoe strings"?  People want to know how you did it.

This is your opportunity to set a positive example.  This is not tooting your own horn.  Rather, it shows others the possibilities that result from doing good.

Many visitors of this site are interested in the overall positive experiences of successful people!  Your unique story could motivate others in ways that you cannot imagine.  The fact is, all humans have the capacity to do good!  This is a great opportunity to encourage others.  Clearly, this can be accomplished in many ways.