LCS Membership Service

This is an annual membership service that houses your success story for only $9.95 per month (paid annually).  After the first year, if you average more than 250 visitors per month, your subsequent annual renewal will be FREE!  Please encourage others to read your story on our site.

If you wish, you will have the ability to link this story with any social media (online or offline resources) and services that you currently subscribe to.  In fact, you will now have the opportunity to promote your success story to whomever you wish!  You can accomplish this digitally or manually.  Obviously, your story is also automatically available on our site for others to view, worldwide!  Our desire is that you'll inspire many others to do good.  And, LCS is particularly interested in the immediate local community.

What You Get

We will create a dedicated webpage on our site for your personal success story.  This webpage will include the concise (LCS edited) content of the story that you personally provide (in 500 words or less).  You will receive the URL to your webpage, and, a QR code for your own promotional efforts.  Your customized webpage is the basic service for the monthly fee of only $9.95 (paid annually).

However, if you have the ability to provide digital images to LCS, we will include "optional" quick response features to your webpage at no additional costs.  Our "Quick Response" features are simply ways in which information is instantly exchanged between visitors to your webpage and you.

Quick Response Features of Your Webpage (at no additional cost) may include any of the following:

  • Digital Photo Album (embedded into your webpage by LCS)
  • Automated Response Form (an embedded form with responses linked seamlessly and instantly to your personal email by LCS; visitors can request more information or send you a personal message; you choose whether or not to personally respond; they don't get your email address unless you provide it directly to them)
  • Comments Form (optional to "Automated Response Form" above; visitors can instantly post unedited comments to your story; LCS does not edit these comments of which all visitors can see; similar to Twitter)
  • Documentary Video (LCS creates an embedded professionally made customized mp4 movie "of your story" of up to 5 minutes [with transitions and background music]; this movie will also be posted for FREE on YouTube)
  • One attachment of a document (a downloadable .pdf document embedded on your webpage; it could be a listing, coupon, menu, agenda, supplemental information, form, invitation, credentials, longer version of your story, etc.)
  • Customized Flyer/Poster (LCS creates a one page document for your personal promotional efforts [as a handout or direct mailing]; includes brief content, your URL, QR code, contact info, etc.)
  • You can send us a link to an existing site to include within your webpage (must be non-political and non-controversial)

You will have the opportunity to choose any "Quick Response" features that you desire when you complete the membership form below.  Remember, these additional features are made available to you at no extra cost.  However, if you do not need the features, please do not request them.  Your personal success story will help to determine whether you actually qualify for some features.

Subscribe Today!

Purchase your membership today!  To tell your unique success story for only $9.95 per month (paid annually), please complete the confidential membership form below (see below).

lease complete all fields as we will create your webpage based on the information that you will provide.  Other than your story (and city), no personal information will be posted online.  If we have questions, we will contact you personally.  We will bill you later (via email).  There is a "comments" field for you to complete on the application if you have a reasonable question, concern, or, instructions for LCS.

We will email you the annual invoice upon receipt of your completed online application ($9.95 monthly x 12 months = $119.40).  Your full payment is due upon receipt, payable to Local Computerized Services.

Please type your concise story into the box provided below (500 words or less).  You may wish to take the time to write your story on a word document and then cut & paste it into the box.

Check all the boxes that apply (i.e. indicate all "Quick Response" features that you'd like at no additional charge).  A minimum of 10 digital images that supplement your story will be required for the photo album and the customized video.  Instructions on how to give us those images will be provided later.

You must be at least 18 years of age to become a member of this service.

Disclaimer:  This is an internet based service for the world to see.  Local Computerized Services (LCS) is a non-political, non-controversial organization.  With this in mind, we strive to edit all content posted accordingly by LCS on this service.  Regardless, LCS is not responsible for the information provided by users of this site (including unedited response comments).  LCS does not claim to support, agree with, subscribe to, or, endorse/embrace the comments, opinions, or, content of those who post to this internet service.  Any information provided by users of this site (including any linked services) is solely the opinion of the users and not LCS.  (Note: LCS reserves the right to post sponsor ads on any webpage on any of its sites).  By digitally signing below, you agree to the terms of use of this and all LCS sites.

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