"Local Community Growth"

By, Local Computerized Services (LCS)

LCS is a technology leadership company that was established in 1996.  Our innovative approach can help businesses and individual towards greater development.

All services of Local Computerized Services (LCS) are non-political and non-controversial, and, stories are edited with this in view.  We don't exit for the sole purpose of making the world a better place.  However, LCS is a technology leadership company that's designed to provide a positive slant on local information that's beneficial to local residents, businesses, and, the general community.  This site provides concepts and services that help bridge the communication gap between those who seek, and, those who provide meaningful content.  That translates into many forms of information.  Thus, we are educational, developmental, technological, and, promotional.


Local communities everywhere are full of inspirational stories!  Our objective is to help uncover the local jewels that can motivate others to positive action in smaller communities.  This site helps to tell the stories behind the success of those who wish to share.  Our purpose is to help others realize the possibilities that result from hard work, positive attitudes, and, a healthy dose of stick-to-it-ness.

Encouragement can come from many directions.  One of the most obvious forms is manifested in small business success.  Our local communities are surrounded by those who have made a success in business ventures.  However, the type of success that we're drawing attention to is not limited to only business success.

In fact, inspiration can come in the form of one who has enjoyed a level of athletic accomplishment.  Similarly, there may be an account of someone who has successfully overcome a severe illness or health challenge.  Further, there are those in our local communities that have come from economically depressed environments but have excelled in ways that have turned their lives around.  And, there may even be layers of success that have resulted from lifetimes of experiences.  Indeed, some among us have formed habits of successes.

Yet, success is not always measured in financial prosperity.  So, what does the concept of success mean to you?  Certainly, many have benefited monetarily (and in others ways) simply because they've been inspired to take action on something that appeared to be worthwhile to them at some critical point in their lives.  However, success can be realized in many ways.  Clearly, success can also be measured in how people help others with life.  That involves a whole different perspective in what success might mean for you.  What's your story?

Local Community Growth

Local Community Success (also called LCS) is a interactive service designed to bring positive, up-building messages to the forefront of local communities.  We don't aspire to be a social media site.  However, individuals are encouraged to share their stories of success on various fronts and of various levels with the general public.  As subscribing members of this site, you will be in the best possible position to encourage, inspire, and, activate others towards a positive contribution in day-to-day activities.  In this way, you can set a good example in the local community simply by telling your positive experience.

Share Your Success Story!

This is our invitation for you to share your concise success story with others!  You can view this as a documentary of some positive aspect of your life that inspires others to do good.  Learn more about LCS and how your contribution to the local community might make a difference for others.