About LCS

Local Computerized Services (LCS) was established in 1996 as the technology arm of KG Lee & Associates, a professional consulting company of the metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Although working with large, medium, and, small organizations in the past, the LCS focus is now includes helping smaller organizations to prosper and grow.

We specialize in helping existing enterprises with process redesign, lean company, departmental setup, and, innovative business solutions.  We also assist with startup projects, and, we support growing organizations with qualified talent.

Our Concept Of Service

Local Is In Our Name

Although commerce can be affected on a global, national or regional level, we feel that the "local" perception usually comes first for most smaller firms.  Thus, our approach has always been to consider the local impact in how business works.

Therefore, we work within the technology platforms and corporate cultures that are unique to each client.  Many localized businesses rely heavily upon community patrons to support their enterprises.  We take all such aspects of a business into account when consulting a firm in how to improve their bottom line.

Organizations contribute greatly to their individual communities.  By helping our clients to build goodwill locally, a good image is developed, and, expansion opportunities can follow.  The best of talent is drawn to such establishments so that the quality produced is always at the highest possible level.

LCS considers every possible aspect of doing business for its clients, while keeping an eye on cutting edge innovations and practical solutions.